Sunday, September 24, 2006

There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth,
Indeed, it has no form, much less a name;
Eyes fail to see it; it has no voice for ears to detect;
To call it Mind or Buddha violates its nature,
For then it becomes like a visionary flower
in the air;
It is not Mind, nor Buddha;
Absolutely quiet, and yet illuminating
in a mysterious way,
It allows itself to be perceived only by
the clear-eyed.
It is Dharma truly beyond form and sound;
It is Tao having nothing to do with words.
Wishing to entice the blind,
The Buddha has playfully let words
escape his golden mouth;
Heaven and earth are ever since filled
with entangling briars.

O my good worthy friends gathered here,
If you desire to listen
to the thundrous voice of the Dharma,
Exhaust your words, empty your thoughts,
For then you may come to recognize this
One Essence.
-=-Dai O Kokushi

Monday, September 18, 2006

What has to be given up
is not the I, as most mystics suppose:
this I is indispensable for any relationship,
including the highest,
which always presupposes an I and You.

What has to be given up is not the I
but that drive for self-affirmation
which impels man to flee
from the unreliable, unsolid, unlasting,
unpredictable, dangerous world of relation
into the having of things."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

All you need is to keep quietly alert,
enquiring into the real

nature of yourself.
This is the only way to peace.
The real exists and is of the nature
of witness-consciousness.

Of course it is beyond the witness,
but to enter it one must first

realize the state of pure witnessing....
The witness is the
reflection of the real in all its purity....

The state of witnessing is full of power.

There are no conditions to fulfill.
There is nothing to be done,

nothing to be given up.
Just look and remember whatever you
is not you, nor yours.
It is there in the field of consciousness,

but you are not the field and its contents,
nor even the knower of
the field. It is your
idea that you have to do things that entangle

you in results of your efforts-the motive,
the desire, the failure
to achieve, the sense of
frustration- all this holds you back.

Simply look at whatever happens and know
that you are beyond it.

You need not get at it (Enlightenment),
for you are it. It will get
at you, if you give
it a chance. Let go your attachment to the

unreal and the real will swiftly and smoothly
slip into its own.

Stop imagining yourself being or doing this
or that and the
realization that you are the
source and heart of all will dawn upon

you. With this will come great love which is
not choice or
predilection, nor attachment,
but a power which makes all things
love - worthy
and lovable.

Discover all you are not. Body, feelings, thoughts,
ideas, time,
space, being and not being, this or
that - nothing concrete or
abstract you can point
out to is you. You must watch yourself

continuously - particularly your mind - moment
by moment, missing
nothing. This witnessing is
essential for the separation of the self
from the
not-self aware of that state which is only,

simply being, without being this or that or the other.

Thoughts on Awareness by Nisargadatta Maharaj

Sufis do not, by and large, work through a reincarnation model. But we do know where we go in deep sleep. We know exactly.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

one's not half two

one’s not half two. It’s two are halves of one:

which halves reintegrating, shall occur

no death and any quantity; but than

all numerable mosts the actual more

minds ignorant of stern miraculous this every truth

beware of heartless them

(given the scalpel, they dissect a kiss;

or, sold the reason, they undream a dream)

one is the song which fiends and angels sing;

all murdering lies by mortals told make two.

Let liars wilt, repaying life they’re loaned;

We (by a gift called dying born) must grow

deep in dark least ourselves remembering

love only rides his year.

All lose, whole find

e. e. cummings