Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Evil wins when it scares us into killing evildoers.
In doing that, we think we're fighting evil, when in
reality, we're only dancing by its drum.

Evil can only be defeated by denying it the publicity,
the notoriety it seeks. The battle is over people's
minds, and must be won with ideas, not bullets.
Killing evildoers is transforming them into martyrs
and heroes. That always adds glamour to their

Evildoers are always a miniscule minority. The
number of victims they cause is always insignificant,
when compared to such accepted killers as car accidents.

Fear magnifies the danger they represent. We seldom
see any national campaign in favor of reducing car
accidents, or preventable deaths caused by lack
of hygiene in our hospitals. Yearly, those numbers are
consistently higher than deaths caused by evildoers
of all sorts.

Fight evil with ideas, not bullets. Evil becomes
contagious when blood is spilled in the name of Good.

Pete S.

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