Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sufi Advaita

Here is an article from Sufi tradition that is about the "worthwhile" because it gives instruction and serves recognition of the Self or Truth, as can be seen in these quotes from the article below: "In all your outer activities remain inwardly free. Learn not to identify with anything whatsoever." ... "Remember that you belong Somewhere and your goal is to attain Reality."
What would the "impossible" nondual view look like from within the Sufi
tradition? The confessions of Ibn 'Arabi show us what the impossible looks
like. "He" stands for Allah, and could also mean Truth, Reality, God:

"He (Allah) is the First without anything before Him.
He is the Last without anything after Him.
He is Visible in all that is seen.
He is Known, clearly, in all that is hidden.
He is in all forms and images without any
relation to any appearance.
He is the secret and the appearance of the
first letter announcing the beginning of existence.
He is the presence of all the letters that belong
to the First and all the letters that belong to the
Last and is the presence in all the letters that
are visible and all the letters that are hidden."

That is pure confession. There is nothing worthwhile, as I've defined it,
since it is not instructing us in any way or trying to get us from one stage
of understanding to another. On its own it says there is only He. There
isn't even the one perceiving He. No one exists.

Jerry Katz
The Nondual Highlights
from Nonduality Salon

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