Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Negative

To remain 'negative' is to remain 'stuck' . . . in the linear dimension. Negativity thinks it is trying to solve a 'problem'; yet, it can't solve it because I, itself is the part of very same problem. It provides food on and fuel to the very same cycle it thinks it is trying to end. We can already see its failure in the result of fighting violence with violence, stress with stress, depression with depression [as in feeding it thoughts like 'I don't like being depressed', 'I hate being depressed', 'I am depressed. . . because, I am depressed']. Positivity moves in the vertical dimension and in doing so it changes its FOCUS and Perspective and gains the ability to view the entire 'maze' - unlike negativity which because of being lost in the same maze can only see a fraction at a time. Because of this change in perspective, positivity transcends the very problem. . . that negativity can spend eons and still not be able to 'solve'.

Love is the language of positivity.

Fear [and violence] is the language of
negativity. And, brain deals with
psychological fear [and violence] in
the same way as it does with real
physical threat and violence. . . by
releasing emergency stress hormones
like Adrenaline!


Stress, Strain, Violence, Fear,
tension and depression. . . naturally
results from negativity.

And, yes,
negativity 'fights' against violence too. . .
using more 'violence' of course ;)

And, it fights against stress causing more stress,
against depression causing more depression,
against thoughts causing more thoughts.

Negativity 'fights' against garbage. . .
Positivity simply remains its
beautiful inner self - and, just by
being so it serves inner-outer beauty.

Positivity envisions a beautiful
landscape, a fertile land and a
beautiful garden growing out of the
garbage. It 'sees' garbage giving shape
and slopes to landscape, it 'sees'
'garbage' acting as fertilizers for
grass, for beautiful plants, for roses. . . for flowers.

Negativity 'looks' for and 'finds'. . .
'problems' that it 'must' 'fight' against.

Positivity SEES Possibilities.


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