Friday, September 07, 2007

You move totally away from reality
when you believe that there is a
legitimate reason to suffer.

~Byron Katie

This was one of my favorite quotes and
it sure reads quite good. I noticed
that it does bring some immediate
relief and joy and it brings lot of
"hope" for a 'future' where I will have
become so 'wise' that I will never

But, I found that believing in this
does not do much more than to bring this
temporary relief, "hope" for a 'future'
free of suffering [and possibly, ask me
to investigate, inquire, to 'get out
of it' when I find myself suffering.].

What I found is that much of my
'suffering' is simply because of the
idea... "I shouldn't suffer".

I noticed that much of my suffering is
because of the idea "I should be
happy", "I should be peaceful", "I
should be relaxed", "I should be
joyous". And, I noticed that *work* in
place of questioning this idea, which
was many times in the root of my
suffering, further strengthens it.

In fact, I saw that entire premise of the
*work* was based on the idea, "I should
be happy", the very idea that had
caused me stress and suffering many
times. If I didn't believe "I should be
happy", in many cases, there was very
little to stress or suffer about.
Further, I asked myself... 'Why must I
be happy?'.

I found that
I couldn't really answer that question
and I found that believing this
thought, in fact... felt extremely
selfish, narrow and... kind of stupid.

I noticed that in absence of this
belief in "I should be happy", my
unhappiness... whenever it occurred felt
far more 'natural', easy and 'light'.
I found out that in many
cases, this 'unhappiness' was in fact,
quite necessary and useful and I was
grateful for it. I noticed that without
this belief in "I should be happy", I
didn't mind and I didn't care for my
unhappiness that much and I wasn't that
'afraid' of it.

Without this belief in
"I should be happy", I was less
'afraid' of 'unhappiness' and I was less
'greedy' for 'happiness' and as a

I was freer to live my life
[which to me, actually meant "serving"

When happiness came, I was
grateful for it. When unhappiness came,
many times, I was grateful for it...
and, even when I wasn't grateful for
it... that too was A OK
~Adithya Comming
from Power of Now

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CiCi said...

I agree with you totally - and I think you are "getting" precisely at what Byron Katie seems to be saying with "the work". It seems we don't turn away from anything we're feeling, but question them and work through them. Is it true you should be happy? Even when we are given tools to make life peaceful and real, our mind is so frightened of the concept, it can take a life rope and turn it into an evil snake. I enjoy reading your blog! Here's to questioning and accepting what is! :)