Monday, October 01, 2007

Refocusing our Lenses

Because of the developmental nature of the process we are involved in, we all have to continually refocus our lenses of perception and discrimination. It's not like you get the picture once and that's it. In a developmental context, you have to keep focusing and refocusing all the time, because as the Buddha said, everything is changing all the time. Everything is in flux; there's constant change. In the manifest domain, everything is changing all the time. And not only is everything changing, but everything is developing. So if we want to be pioneers of evolution, we need to be constantly leaning forward, refocusing, and looking—again and again and again. Not only do we need to keep up with the constant changing and shifting that is the nature of the manifest realm, but if we are going to be agents of the evolutionary impulse ourselves, that adds a whole other level of complexity and urgency to the picture. We need to be one step ahead. Your capacity to interpret your experience clearly becomes absolutely essential in order for you to be able to respond to life creatively, in such a way that not only keeps pace with but begins to define the very direction of the changing universe itself.

Andrew Cohen

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