Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Post of the New Year


This is a radical invitation: Do not try to reach any state of awareness, whether focused or diffused, and do not try to keep any state away. Rather, recognize what is always present. The wonderful result of this recognition is that objective states become clearer, subjective states become softer, and peace is found in all states.

While it is useful to develop your mind, your body, and your work, developing consciousness is a huge mistake. Development happens only because consciousness is already here. If your attention is on "developing" rather than on recognizing this, you go in a circle, chasing your tail and searching for what is still here.

In a moment of truth-telling you can recognize for yourself, "Oh, I picked up the search again". You can deny that you have picked up the search, you can justify picking up the search, or you can stop.

In that moment, you can turn your attention to the silence at the core of whatever is occurring.
- Gangaji, from The Diamond In Your Pocket

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