Friday, March 07, 2008

An All-Consuming Care

In Evolutionary Enlightenment, we begin to understand that who and what we all are, at every level of existence, is part and parcel of a vast, cosmic process—a process that began 14 billion years ago when something burst out of nothing, and is constantly developing and ever-unfolding in every moment. And our own personal salvation is found when we reach that point where we begin to care more about the evolution of that process than we do about our own liberation, our own happiness, or even our own enlightenment. When we begin to care about something that is so much deeper and higher and more important than ourselves, we find ourselves remarkably and quite spontaneously less preoccupied with and burdened by our personal fears and desires. This is not because those fears and desires have necessarily gone away, but because something more important has entered into the very center of our being, and our heart has become consumed with that. In this way, personal liberation becomes no longer the goal of our spiritual search, but merely a spontaneous byproduct of our passionate care for the unmanifest potential of the next moment.

Andrew Cohen

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