Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Reinventing the Sacred"

One view of God is that God is our chosen name for the ceaseless creativity in the natural universe, biosphere,
and human cultures. Because of this ceaseless creativity,
we typically do not and cannot know what will happen.
We live our lives forward into mystery, as Kierkegaard said.
We live as if we knew, as Nietzsche said. We live our lives
forward into mystery, and do so with faith and courage, for
that is the mandate of life itself. But the fact that we must
live our lives forward into a ceaseless creativity that we
cannot fully understand means that reason alone is an
insufficient guide to living our lives. Reason, the center
of the Enlightenment, is but one of the evolved, fully
human means we use to live our lives. Reason itself has
finally led us to see the inadequacy of reason. We must
there fore reunite our full humanity. We must see
ourselves whole, living in a creative world we can never
fully know.
~Stuart A. Kauffman, Biologist and Complex Systems Researcher

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