Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Life and death as nirvana.

Don't be picky, don't choose this or that.
However comfortable your life is,
right now at this moment,
I know some of you have pain.

Whatever painful situation you are involved in,
consider that as the very life of the Buddha,
the very state of nirvana itself,
and be it.

Just live that life.

It doesn't matter whether it is

life of hell,
life of the hungry ghost,
life of the animal.

It's okay.

Just live that life, see.

And as matter of fact,
no other way.

Where you stand,
where you are

that's what your life is

right there,
regardless of how painful it is,
or how enjoyable it is.

That's what it is.

That condition never continues forever.

You can even say it changes completely

in less than a second.

This life, death.

--Taizan Maezumi

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