Sunday, January 04, 2009

The sage, the wise man, has the basic working and living attitude of
respectful trust towards nature and human nature, despite wars, revolutions, starvations, floods, rising crime and all manner of horrors. He is not concerned with the notion of original sin, nor does he have the feeling that existence (samsara) is itself a disaster. His basic understanding has the premise that if you cannot trust nature and other people, you cannot trust yourself; if you cannot trust yourself, how can you trust your mistrust of yourself? In other words, without this underlying trust, the faith in the functioning of Totality, the whole system of nature, you are simply paralyzed. Ultimately, of course, it is not really a matter of you on the one hand, trusting nature on the other; it is really a matter of realizing that we and nature are one and the same process, and not separate entities.

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