Monday, October 17, 2005

Stencil Board Site

One of many hobbies my mother did when I was a child was stenciling, which was the rage for homemakers in the 50's. These were not one page stencils, but a form of stencil multi layering. A rose edging a tablecloth could have 5 layering sheets with 5 colors. That was then, this is now. Check out this site...


screenshotInstant street cred lurks just a few clicks away at this hip gallery of stencil-based graffiti art. Found on urban sidewalks and walls throughout Europe and North America, stencils tend to feature political screeds ("I Heart Sweatshop Labor," "Buy! Buy!"), Warhol-like portraits of icons (Marilyn Monroe with a black eye, a leering Richard Nixon, good ol' Andre the Giant), or unique, standalone images (a skeleton in a grass skirt over the caption "Born to Hula"). Stencil art burst onto the scene in Paris during the `80s, and then quickly spread to Berlin, New York City, and other metropolises, welcoming or not. Naturally, trendy advertising firms have picked up on the style and are now using spray-paint stencils for their own nefarious purposes. So, check these out before they're lost to the corporate beast. (in Graffiti and Street Art

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