Monday, January 30, 2006

At the Leading Edge

God is no longer “up there” waiting to save us. Until very recently, that creative principle was something that we were asking for help from. But I believe we've reached a time in history when God, which I would describe as the energy and intelligence that created the universe, is now completely dependent upon us—upon those sentient beings who have reached a level of development where we're actually capable of beginning to appreciate who we are and why we are here in nothing less than a cosmic context.
God, or the creative principle, is who we are. From an absolute perspective, who we are is not only that formless, unmanifest dimension from which the universe emerged, but also, and simultaneously, the creative, manifest dimension—the evolutionary impulse, the spark that initiated the big bang, which is our own Authentic Self. The mysterious compulsion to evolve that we experience at the level of consciousness is nothing less than God becoming aware of himself, herself, or itself, as us. And the creation of the future, at the leading edge of evolution, is dependent upon each one of us waking up to this Authentic Self and making whatever effort is necessary to begin to identify with that thrilling creative passion and to transcend our attachment to the fears and desires of the ego or separate self-sense, which go on forever. In this awakening, we directly know that the future depends upon us. It's no longer just an idea; it's an emotionally felt absolute fact.

Andrew Cohen
September 2005

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