Friday, January 20, 2006

Out of the Mouths of a Thousand Birds

Listen -
Listen more carefully to what is around you
Right now. In my world
There are the bells from the clanks
Of the morning milk drums, And a wagon wheel outside my window
Just hit a bump Which turned into an ecstatic chorus
Of the Beloved's Name. There is the Prayer Call
Rising up like the sun
Out of the mouths of a thousand birds. There is an astonishing vastness
Of movement and Life Emanating sound and light
From my folded hands And my even quieter simple being and heart. My dear,
Is it true that your mind
Is sometimes like a battering
Ram Running all through the city,
Shouting so madly inside and out About the ten thousand things
That do not matter? Hafiz, too,
For many years beat his head in youth And thought himself at a great distance,
Far from an armistice
With God. But that is why this scarred old pilgrim
Has now become such a sweet rare vintage
Who weeps and sings for you. O listen -
Listen more carefully
To what is inside of you right now. In my world
All that remains is the wondrous call to
Dance and prayer Rising up like a thousand suns
Out of the mouth of a
Single bird.

~ Hafiz ~

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