Sunday, February 26, 2006


"The University of Miami found two free protein building
amino-acids, glycin and alanin, in lunar rocks brought back
by the crew of Apollo X1. Actualy man, who so dislikes being
alone, ought to be very happy about these scientific proofs
which assure him that he is not alone in the cosmos,
and that on the contrary probably lots of clever playfellows
are waiting there for him to pick up the traces of their former
visits that they left behind.
For according to the present state of knowledge we should accept
the folowing facts: All matter in the universe was originally
united in one primordial atom. The chemical perquisites for life
exist on other stars in our galaxy.
But where is there room for the "good God" in this fantastic
theoretical structure erected by science? The personification of
the force that must have existed before the big bang as God,
and the conceptions of this kindly old man produced for the
faithful by the cathechists simply blindfold us.
The original prodigious force which existed before the
beginning of all being was a neutrum.

IT existed before the big bang.

IT unleased the great destruction.

IT caused all the worlds in the universe to originate from the explosion.

IT, incorporeal primordial force, the decisive primordial command, became

matter and IT knew the result of the great explosion.

IT wanted to reach the stage of lived experience.

In all places where men gather together to praise the
creator, they feel a beneficent strengthening togetherness.
As if roused by the note of a tuning fork, the shared sense
of something transcendent echoes silently through the interior.
Temples and churches are places for contemplation, spaces
for the communal praise of the indefinable, of IT,
which for want of a better word we have learned to call God.
The places of assembly are necessary, but the rest is superfluous.

Excerpts from 'The Gold of the Gods' (final chapter)

by Erich Von Daniken

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