Friday, April 08, 2005


Received an always welcomed email from a longtime friend recently, let's call him El Granjero, in which he mentioned a harvest. It took a moment for the connections to fall into place being the early part of April and not a time usually associated with harvest, then light bulb flash. You see my friend is an organic asparagus farmer in a beautiful valley on the western range of the Colorado Rockies and the sprouts of the asparagus plant are the product harvested for market in early Spring.
El Granjero is a highly evolved social progressive who arrived here in Santa Fe soon out of law school, opened a small law office, and very quickly became the head of a rapidly growing successful law firm.
In a profession held not always with the highest regards by the public, this young man quickly became a role model and hero in the community. His unabridged generosity of spirit, unheralded pro bono work, environmental activities and a heart as big as Texas drew people to him from across the spectrum in our town. A lawyer quoting the Dali Lama?
When the AIDS horror hit our small town, this straight man was there front row doing what ever was needed for who ever needed him in a time when only shame and fear were associated with the disease, long before wearing a red ribbon and shining at the charity balls became fashionable.
And in the midst of this success and acclaim the man who had it all seemed simply to pause in his early mid life, selling his law firm, scouting for land in Colorado, bought a farm and has been growing asparagus in a beautiful valley surrounded by like minded folks for the last few years.
And as most conventional farmers take a holiday after fall harvest, I hope my friend has a great and bountiful harvest, and perhaps here are some helpful ideas that he can use his up and coming midsummer holiday.

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