Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Brief Thoughts from My Master

"From a Zen point-of-view, many [*spiritual seekers*,western AND eastern], have been handicapped by their concept of *god* as an objectified *supreme being*." [feel free to substitute *atman* ... any cosmological principle or deity ... or even *field of being* for the above.]
"Even when *in union with god*, they must automatically exclude that which is not-god. The dualistic split between oneness/manyness, being/non-being, life and death remains. [mere extensions of self/other. a picking & choosing.]
For Zen, the endpoint of man's journey is not *union with god* Zen insists there has never been a separation. All that is needed is the flash of insight that allows this to be seen.
~ source unknown ~ [other than my old dog-earred journal]

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