Sunday, July 10, 2005


Tower of Power

This tower below is an artist rendering of the worlds tallest constructed object, 1km (.62mile) tall, to be built northwest of Victoria, Austrailia, in a remote area called Ned's Corner.

This technology will nest 3 holons, greenhouse, chimney, and windmill into a "Solar Tower" to generate enough green emission free electricity to power 200,000 typical homes. Unlike wind turbines with blades which only produce when the natural wind is blowing, these STS are not reliant on natures wind, producing the ecectrical energry from the turbines in the tower, powered by the hot air from the greenhouse surrounding the tower. The hot air rushing up through the lightweight high strength reinforced cement tower, operating 24/7.

At the center of the 4.35 mile diameter greenhouse, or solar collector, air may reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit and a speed of 35 mpr near the tower. At night, heat stored in solar cells during the day is released and continues to turn the turbines.
The project is being built by EnviroMission, and is based on a smaller 50kw prototype solar tower which was constructed and successfully operated in Manzanares, Spain, and designed by Jorg Schlaich from Germany, head of one of the worlds most prestigious engineering companies.

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