Saturday, December 31, 2005


"That's the remarkable thing, isn't it?
Enlightenment is ruthlessly intelligent.
Peace doesn't get involved in any of the
details -- one's historical, moral, religious,
spiritual, racial, political, educational,
or social background and so on. Not one iota.
Wisdom cares nothing about these things.
Freedom only knows of this one eternally present
moment. That makes it all very, very simple -- no
need to complicate it. With no
historical or future entanglements, there is just
this one immediate choice: Are you completely
willing TO BE that which you say you love and
revere, no matter what the circumstances?
No pause, no hesitation, no deliberation.
If you say yes and proceed to speak or think
or act in a way that contradicts it, then it
begs the question, are you serious about this?
This simple question, "The way you are living
this instant, does it work?" is profoundly useful.
If it isn't working, then what will it take?

If we are not wisdom, if we are not freedom,
if we are not serenity this very instant,
then what good is any of this? If we are,
then in our very being here, we offer the most
precious and joyful gift in the world to everyone
around us. Infinitely more than thousands of
philosophies or religions, or millions of words.
It's that simple.

from openmindopenheart dialogues Scott Morrison

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