Thursday, December 15, 2005

TODAY a turning point

There is nothing to explain.
There is no answer, nor any
legitimate question.

When old Yu was asked about the One
he got up and walked out of the room.

Sitting here I feel a comfort in knowing
there is nothing to know.

How do I know?

Is it just the end of the questions?
That the wondering was extinquished,
snuffed out in the silence?

Such ponderings can lay fallow,
waiting for the ages to leaven them.
There is no need to clarify any of this.

What is defunct is defunct, past,
utterly gone.

Yet the meanderings of the mind still
play in the wind.

There is no harm in that.
And if there were, what could be done?

Nothing matters, and yet the simplicity
of the play of these musings
unravels as it will.

Need for justification too is defunct.

Such is real freedom.

a great master

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