Monday, December 19, 2005

The trees of the forest silently await God's blessing.

The law of gravitation is working from two sides:
from the side of the earth which draws all that
belongs to the earth, and from the side of the spirit
which attracts the soul towards it. Even those who
are unconscious of this law of gravitation are also
striving for perfection, for the soul is being continually
drawn towards the spirit. They are striving for
perfection just the same. In the small things of everyday
life a man is never satisfied with what he has. He
always wants more and more, be it a higher rank,
wealth, or fame. He is always striving for this.

This shows that the heart is like a magic bowl.
However much you pour into it, it only becomes deeper.
It is always found to be empty. The reason why man is
never satisfied is that he is unconsciouslystriving for
perfection. Those however who strive consciously after
perfection have a different way. Nevertheless, each atom
of the universe is meant to struggle and strive in order to
become perfect one day. In other words, if a seer happens
to be in the mountains he will hear the mountains cry
continually, 'We are waiting for that day when something
in us will awaken. There will come a day of awakening,
of unfoldment. We are silently awaiting it.' If he went
into the forest and saw the trees standing there they
would tell him that they too were waiting patiently.
One can feel it. The more one sits there the more one
feels that the trees are waiting for the time when there
will be an unfoldment. So it is with all beings. But man is so
absorbed in his everyday actions and his greed that he
seems to be unaware of that innate desire for unfoldment.
It is his everyday tasks, his avariciousness, his cruelty to
other beings, that keep him continually occupied, and that
is why he cannot hear the continual cry of his own soul to
awaken, to unfold, to reach upward, to expand, and to go
towards perfection.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

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