Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It is all about mind.

Your only duty is to understand and master your mind.

Mastery of mind comes automatically with the

Full understanding of mind...

Mind is not your enemy but, just a very potent
Tool that you need to understand fully and use
It only after understanding it fully!

Its misuse can cut you...
Its misuse can create pain...

Liberation is the "use" of mind by understanding it...
Slavery is being used by mind because of not
understanding it!
Understanding mind is the answer to all
your questions!

Are you enlightened?
Ask it as... have I 'mastered' my "mind"?

Once you know the Source of Mind, once you know
the source of all its states, emotions, feelings
and thoughts including... joy, love, happiness,
Peace, greed, fear, emotional pain, suffering...

and, once you gain the consciousness to abide
in the Source of Mind...

Once you can "choose", "use" or "drop" these
feelings, emotions and thoughts as you see fit -
you have mastered your mind!


Do I know God?
Ask it as... Do I know the Source of mind?

Do I know where I came from?

Ask it as... do I know the origin of "mind"?


Why I am the person that I am?
Ask it as... why do I get thoughts, dreams and
emotions that I get?


Why I suffer?
Ask it as... why does my mind get thoughts/emotions
that it does?

As long as you keep using mind beyond your understanding
of it and without your *awareness* of it...

you will keep getting thoughts/emotions/feelings [and pain]
that you may not expect or [consciously] want!


Why am I not happy?
Ask it as... why do my mind has thoughts/emotions that
it does?


What makes me happy?
Ask it as... what makes my mind quiet, content and


How will I find God?
Ask it as... how I will know the Source of mind?


What is the purpose of my life?
Ask it as... what is the purpose of my mind?


Where will I go after I die?
Ask it as what happens to "mind"... after it disappears?


How long it will take me to become enlightened?
Ask it as... how long it will take me to fully
understand mind and 'use' it consciously in place
of being blindly driven by it?

~Adithya K

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