Monday, March 06, 2006

Who Drives My Bus

The situation here is not unlike a bus in
which different
passengers are constantly
competing and scheming to take over control

of the driver's seat, and when they do, they
take the whole bus and all
the other pasengers
on their trip. For example, someone makes a

contemptuous remark to us: this is the cue for
a hated or worthless
image to take over the
driver's position. Egos at every level of

consciousness go on the trip of rage or rejection,
directed at the
other and/or at self. The heart
beats violently, the cells shiver in
fear, the other
is perceived as mean or stupid, etc,; and whatever
the bus was on before is, of course, completely
disrupted while all
systems go on this detour.

--Ralph Metzner

hat tip-Steve Toth

Liquid crystals

Karen Neill

The orientation of molecules within a liquid crystal can be seen by viewing the crystals using polarised light. Regions that have the same colour here have the same orientation of their constituent

Nikon 190 digital camera with polarisers, attached to a laboratory microscope

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