Tuesday, September 27, 2005


And of course it's by Google.


Google Inc. introduced a search engine Wednesday devoted to scanning blogs, the increasingly popular online journals that allow users to easily and frequently sound off about everything from politics to dating to natural disasters.

The new feature, released as a test at, is expected to give the so-called blogosphere increased visibility.

But Google's entry also poses a serious threat to the handful of small Web sites that have similar technology, such as Technorati, Feedster and IceRocket, according to analysts.

"I think Google is going to blow them out of the water," said Charlene Li, an analyst for Forrester Research. "So they need to dive into some niche and develop something other than just blog search."

Google's general search index already includes blogs. But the links to them are often buried among regular Web pages or are old.

By offering a search engine limited to blogs, Google hopes to remedy the situation. Users will be able to get fresher and more relevant information with less hassle.

Google says it has a blog index in the millions. Only blogs that offer Web feeds, a technology used to quickly disseminate new entries, are included.

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