Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Phytoestrogens-Treatment for Lung Cancer

Eating foods containing phytoestrogens – like soya products, plant oils and a range of different fruits and vegetables - appears to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer even in smokers, reveals new research out today.

In a trial comparing 1,674 patients treated for lung cancer and 1,735 healthy ‘control' volunteers, researchers from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found that those who reported eating the highest amount of foods containing phytoestrogens were much less likely to have developed lung cancer.

They assessed the risk of the disease to be 46 per cent lower for those with the highest phytoestrogen intake from all foods, or 21 per cent if they had a high intake of phytosterols, the components added to products to lower cholesterol.

The study's lead author, postdoctoral researcher Matthew Schabath, said it supports “a small but growing body of evidence that suggests oestrogenic-like compounds in food may help protect against development of lung and other cancers".

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